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Warner Electric BTCS620
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Warner Electric BTCS620 Rotary Position Sensor


The BTCS620 is a single-turn amplified potentiometer with a resistance of 10KΩ for normal dancer operating within a 60° range with the features below.

Type : BTCS620 (with amplifier)

Power supply : 10 to 30 VDC / 15 mA (or ±5 to ±15 VDC)

Max. detection 200° (or ±100°)

Sensitivity : 2,5 mV/V/°

Example with Power supply : ±15VDC

Warner Electric Detec. angle : ±30° =>

controls : Sensitivity : 4,5 VDC

Options : BTCS-KITx (2 to 8) : Brackets, coupling, cable, connector


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